The Law of Faith:  Have Faith in God!

Mark 11:22-23 KJV

Trusting God has to do with whether you deem Him credible.

When we place our trust in one another, we base our relationship upon how they have dealt with us in the past; their cations carry a certain weight with us,  God or bad, it is here we determine their credibility.

“No doubt”; what does this mean?  This is having an undeniable trust, faith, and belief in a person or thing.  Having faith in God is being willing to do what He asks the first time.  This is not looking or depending on man

*No doubt, it is all about what God can do.

*When you doubt, you waiver; you can’t speak words of faith and walk in unbelief at the same time

*Learning how to use time, is learning how to activate faith

*How is it that God Who can do anything is able to fail you…this is an impossible thing.


*Tremendous thank you to Rev. Dr. James Grant pastor of New Patterson Grove Faith Church in East Bend, NC!! He ministered a powerful word on “Perfecting Your Love Walk”  on Sunday, February 21.

*We would also appreciate every guest singer, dancer, poet, musician, and our WOTILC family; job well done!!


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